The Only Affirmation You’ll Ever Need

I’ve been actively using affirmations in my life for the last 21 years. If you’re not already using affirmations, they can be incredibly useful in bringing your best life to fruition, and it’s important that you use them properly, or you can bring the opposite of what you’re wanting.

Affirmations are short statements that help your Unconscious Mind to feel safe, secure, and  shift negative, internal dialogue. I’m sure at some point, and maybe even often, you’ve experienced lack, self criticism or even self loathing. The Conscious, thinking, judging Mind is 100% responsible for these thoughts—and that’s just what they are—thoughts. They are not who you are.

But guess what? The impressionable Unconscious Mind doesn’t know this. The Unconscious Mind, which is responsible for all learning, behavior and change, is eavesdropping on your air time 100% of the time. This means with every word you say, every thought you think and every action you take—you are influencing this powerful part of your being.

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A few things to know about your Unconscious Mind as pertaining to affirmations:

She has the mentality of a 4-year old child.
This is important to remember when crafting your affirmations, because 4-year olds use simple language. Your affirmations should be short, simple and easy to understand.

She takes everything literally.
When writing your affirmations, always say exactly what you mean, be specific and say it as if now—as if you already have the thing you want. Example: I have an amazing job that I love, making $100K per year. If you use words like want, hope, aspire, someday, soon, or will have, you’re headed for trouble.  Those words will keep you in a wanting, hopeful, aspiring, waiting-for-someday situation.

She does not process negatives. Repeat: She does not process negatives.
The Unconscious Mind does not understand negative language, meaning, if your affirmation states: I am no longer poor, your Unconscious Mind hears: I am poor. This is super important when writing your affirmations—make sure they are stated in positive-present fashion, meaning you already have it now.

All this being said, there really is only one affirmation you need, and that comes from the wonderful, Florence Scovel Schinn. Florence lived at the turn of the 20th Century. She was an artist and an important part of the New Thought Movement, alongside the likes of Wallace Wattles and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

She believed in crafting a statement (affirmation) that clicks, meaning, one that resonates for you. It should also be directed towards your Higher Power (whatever that is for you), and  always using the phrase, under Grace and in the perfect way. Her observation was that Blessings can come like a gentle breeze, or a lightening bolt. The gentle breeze is more pleasant.

Here it is, with an example—let’s say you want a new house:

Infinite Spirit, a new house, that has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths on a spacious lot, which is mine by Divine right, is now released, under Grace, in the perfect way.

You can customize this affirmation to whatever it is you’re wanting right now.

Alternatively, if you’re just getting started and want simplicity, use this:

All that is mine by Divine Right comes to me under Grace, in the perfect way.

If you wake up every day, and say this statement to yourself, I know miracles will not be far behind.