Screw Guilt

The Autumn is finally here. I don’t know about you, but this was a crazy summer. Crazy-busy and crazy-short. I was lucky-enough to be able to go to Kauai with my family, and it was a-mazing. But honestly? The Fall is my very-favorite time of year. For some reason, it’s a season of resetting. Grounding. And renewed optimism about life.

As the weather grows cooler, it’s a great time to come inside. Indoors, with a cozy fireplace, something warm to drink and to reflect on the year, on hope, optimism and the upcoming gatherings with friends and families.

It’s also a great time to slow down and take care of the Self. The Self with a capital ‘S’.

It’s so easy to ignore our own needs—especially as women—and tend to the emergencies of others. We’re empathic, and we want to help, but often, at our own detriment.

Self-care, while often defined in terms of the long bath, or trip to the salon, is actually very-much related to self-respect. When we respect ourselves, we self-advocate. When we respect ourselves, we speak the truth and abandon the easily-concocted excuse. When we respect ourselves, we go to the gym, to the yoga class, and we nourish our bodies wisely and intuitively.

When we respect ourselves we become the kind of person we most admire.

I know, first-hand, how easy it is to slip into that place of apathy. Life can be exhausting, especially if you’re struggling to make ends meet, striving to keep your family happy and together, and stressing about how it’s all going to work out. But apathy is not your friend. Apathy keeps you stuck, comfortable, bored and small.

And guilt is apathy’s accomplice.

Guilt will do more damage to your success and thriving life than anything else. Guilt tells you other people’s needs are more important than your own. Guilt whispers you don’t deserve to play on a big stage—after all, who are you? Nobody. Guilt’s lies are so believable and damaging, that we easily abandon our biggest dreams for the safety of an apathetic and easy life. A small life.

I call B.S. to that.

So, THIS Fall, I’m hosting Finding Bliss, a Self-Care Challenge. It’s free. It’s simple. And it’ll change your life.

It all starts November 7th. It’s a four-part video workshop and I’ll teach you how to take self-care by the horns and really implement it into your life. Because screw apathy. And screw guilt. It’s time to stand up and live your life on purpose, with Joy. I promise—the best days are ahead.