3 Ways to Turn Around a Bad Day

Having a bad day? A really sh*ty, life-sucks sort of day? We’ve all had them. As a matter of fact, I had one yesterday.

It started out fine, my amazing husband took the kids to school so I could go to the gym, I had a pretty good workout, until out of the blue, I got an exertion headache (been struggling with Thunderclap Headaches—no, it’s nothing serious…) and had to end the workout early.

I took some Advil and went to my office to get some work done.

Pick-up with my kids (still sporting that headache…) ended in chaotic craziness, that resulted in my son leaving his backpack (with all his homework in it…) at my office which meant another 30 minutes in the car.

Then, in early evening all Hades broke loose with homework / kid stuff, that sent the day into total mayhem for everyone in the house, including a big-life-stuff argument between my husband and I.

Sometimes, there’s just no recovering from a day like that. You just have to do a peace-out, mic-drop and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

But sometimes, recovery is possible. There are many ways to clear your head (because it’s all in your head, right?) from a bad day, but here are three of my favorite ways.

3 Ways to Turn Around a Bad Day

1. Breathe. Seems obvious, right? Well, there are a few amazing breathing techniques that can A) buy you a little time before you hurt someone, B) instantly send feel-good endorphins through your body for instant calming relief and C) provides a connection between your High Self and Body through the Unconscious Mind, allowing for a much more clear thought process and bringing a more loving energy to the situation.

By controlling breath in this way, you’re bringing vast amounts of mana (or energy) from the High Self into your body.

One of my favorite breathing techniques is the Hawaiian Ha Breath. It’s super-simple—just breathe in through your nose for a count of four, then breathe out through your mouth (making a slight, airy haaaaa sound in the back of your throat) for a count of eight. Do it four times. By controlling breath in this way, you’re bringing vast amounts of mana (or energy) from the High Self into your body. It works. It feels amazing. Try it.

2. Move your body. Exercise—even in the form of a short walk in nature—can clear your head, your heart and your body in just a few minutes. With movement, you can work out toxins, pent-up frustrations and bring much-needed endorphins to your system that will lend a new and usually better perspective on the situation. Plus, it’s great for you.

Yes, sex works wonders too—and counts as exercise—for all the above-mentioned reasons.

3. Break out the tunes. Music is a fantastic conduit of positive energy that has the capability of moving even the most stubborn negativity.

Music is core to who we are, and has deep and fundamental roots in our humanity.

Our brains are hard-wired to make use of auditory stimulation. Music is fundamental to humans as a species, and we probably sang well before developing language. Music and rhythm have been used for eons to shift or manifest creative energy, to create positive social-emotional connections and as a cultural binding-factor.

Just as wolves and whales use song as connection and communication, we, as humans use music for healing, bonding, expressing and artistic creation. Music is core to who we are, and has deep and fundamental roots in our humanity. So put on your favorite jam and you’ll be amazed how your day turns around.

We all have bad days—even super cruddy ones. The next time one of your days turns south, try one of these transformational techniques and watch your day turn into a great one!