Get to Know Me

Are you hiding behind an unsatisfying career, unfulfilling relationships or an unhealthy body?

Did you wake up feeling anxious, uneasy, wondering what happened to all the hopes and aspirations you had for your life?

Maybe you’ve achieved the material success you imagined, but can’t understand why you’re still not happy.

Many of us play small roles because of the fear of our own greatness. Sabotaging our careers, relationships and personal projects because of the brilliance that may emerge. The fear of being ‘seen’ is so intense and uncomfortable, we hide in mediocrity, or in material ’stuff’—hoping it will fill the hole in our heart.

I can show you how to release those fears and how to connect with an infinite source of love, knowledge and power that is here at your fingertips every, single day.

Let me teach you how to tap into the well of your own being and extract that which brings you more Joy than you ever imagined possible.

My goal is to guide you towards the knowledge of the immensity of your own power and light—a connection to your High Self so intimate and altering, you’ll emerge with tools and knowledge you never knew were already within you.

As for me, I’ve had many teachers in this life:

  • Beginning at a young age with an alcoholic father who meant more to me than I can say—he taught me about overcoming abandonment and longing for acceptance. He also taught me that if I chose an occupation I loved, I would never have to ‘work’ again.
  • The relationships with my family—my mother, my glittering grandmother, my sweet-hearted but troubled younger brother, my two brilliant, wise children and my beloved aunt who continue to teach me about loyalty, boundaries, patience, survival and unconditional love.
  • My husband, who has taught me truly the meaning of deep and unconditional love for another without attachment or expectation, but the ability to simply dwell in another’s presence. He has taught me what true generosity is.
  • My art teacher growing up, Carolyn McNair, and the many art teachers in France and in college who taught me about the creative process and how to access my own creativity.
  • The great Joseph Campbell, who, by studying his materials, taught me the concept of Following Your Bliss, that each of us come into this world with affinities and talents, which, if we follow them, our success and ultimate Happiness overtakes our lives.
  • Many Huna teachers, who have guided me, so gently and wisely towards my own inner light, as is the Huna way—we are all pure beings of the one Light.

All of us are teachers and students of life and each other—as Jane Fonda once said: We teach what we need to learn.

If you’ve been wanting to put down those heavy bags and squeeze more of the juicy goodness out of your life, let me be your guide.